Garden Harvest

Collect, store and distribute rainwater for use in both the home and the garden

The 'Garden Harvest' range of rainwater harvesting systems collect, store and distribute rainwater for use in both the home for the likes of toilets and washing machines, and the garden for watering plants or washing your car.

Key Benefits

Reduce Water Costs – Collecting and reusing rainwater keeps your water costs down.

Easy Installation – Our shallow tanks only require a shallow excavation with no concrete backfill, which further reduces your installation costs. Pea Shingles backfill can also be used.

Non-Corrosive – Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), Harlequin tanks will not corrode.

Adjustable Turret – Turrets for some of the models have the ability to be extended or reduced to fit each installation.

Strong Tank Body – A seamless one piece moulded tank guarantees strength. There is a flat base for stability, moulded in lifting points and a pedestrian duty manhole cover.

Legislation Compliant – The system complies with EN 16941-1:2018 and Part G of Building Regulations in U.K.

Calmed Inlet – This reduces turbulence to tank sediment, improving the quality of water supplied.

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