Bunded Fuel Points

Cost Effective Diesel Storage and Dispensing Systems

The Harlequin range of bunded ‘Fuel Points’ are straightforward diesel storage and dispensing systems incorporating forecourt style pump, hose and nozzle for easy vehicle refuelling.

These are ideal for smaller commercial, industrial and agricultural installations, where the added value features in the Fuel Station models are not a requirement. Harlequin fuel points offer a simple and easy to use solution to diesel storage and dispensing, yet feature the same high-quality mouldings and materials as higher spec fuel stations. They are available from 1300 litres, up to 5000 litre models.

Key Benefits

Convenient Bulk Storage – As well as being much more convenient to have a dedicated dispensing point, bulk storage allows for significant reduction in fuel costs with the ability for bulk purchases.

Non-Corrosive – Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), Harlequin tanks will not corrode.

Integrally Bunded – Designed to protect the surrounding environment, all tanks are bunded preventing pollution if the internal tank was ever to leak.

Excellent Design – Easy access doors and lids with all tanks having a secure way to be locked.

Simple System – Simple and reliable dispensing system.

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