Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants

Large Sewage Treatment Plants tailor made for commercial applications

Harlequin’s Large Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants are designed specifically to deliver a high standard of effluent quality required for the safe discharge of wastewater.

Manufactured using Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) material they come in Octagon, Decagon and Dodecagon shapes tailor made to suit individual applications. These industry leading systems are structurally strong and are equipped with super quiet linear diaphragm pumps / side channel blowers (depending on the size of the unit) in a suitable external blower housing unit. The unique Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) housed within the systems clean sewage waste to an extremely high degree suitable for discharge to both watercourse and drainage field. They are perfectly suitable for a wide range of commercial applications including caravan parks, hotels, commercial building sites, retail stores, camp sites, cafes, restaurants, schools, garden centres etc... with population ranging from 50 up to 600.

Key Benefits

Structural Stability – Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) panels ensure that these systems have the structural stability to be able to treat large quantities of wastewater from commercial establishments. SMC panels also means the tanks are tougher and sturdier than those made with GRP / Fibreglass.

Flexibility in Product Sizing – The SMC manufacturing technique allows significant flexibility in product sizing. We offer a few basic sizes but bespoke sizes are available to suit individual project requirements.

Unique MBBR System – Unique Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system maximises bacterial growth with no fixed media eliminating system blockages.

Safe & Easy Maintenance – The tanks have very few mechanical moving parts or electrical components within the plant allowing for safe and easy maintenance.

Exceeds Standard Effluent Quality – These systems are designed to treat domestic sewage to designed to exceed standard effluent quality of 20 mg/l B.O.D., 30 mg/l Suspended Solids and 20 mg/l Ammonical Nitrogen.

Flat Base for Stability – The tanks have been designed with a flat base for stability during transportation and storage prior to installation.

Pedestrian Duty Manhole Covers – The tanks come fitted with multiple fully secure unobtrusive pedestrian duty manhole covers. The number of covers depend on the size of the tank to allow for easy access to each chamber.

Adjustable Turret Invert Depth – Turret invert depth can be increased with riser kits to a maximum of 1.7m / 2 risers.

External Blower Housing – All systems come equipped with an external blower housing allowing for safe and easy maintenance.

Low Noise Impact – Extremely quiet pumps / blowers help minimise noise impact when installed in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Fine Bubble Diffusers – The bacteria receive a continuous air supply and are mixed and aerated by high volume fine bubble diffusers.

Multiple Aeration Chambers – Harlequin commercial sewage treatment tanks are manufactured with multiple aeration chambers fitted with access turret / lid.

10-Year Extended Warranty – All tanks come with a 10-year extended warranty only if registered.

Site Visit and Commissioning – This is standard with all plants. Commissioning only verifies that the plant is set up correctly and does not carry out any other inspections or remedial works.



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