Harlequin launches Portable Diesel / AdBlue Tank range

Posted On: 2 May 2024

Harlequin launches Portable Diesel / AdBlue Tank range

Posted On: 2 May 2024

We have now expanded our range of Commercial Fuel and AdBlue storage tanks to include a range of Portable Tanks equipped to provide safe & easy storage and dispensing of Diesel & AdBlue on site.

Our new range of Portable Diesel Tanks


Made from tough and durable MDPE, these tanks are very robust and designed for a very long life. They come equipped with a 50 L/Min high speed fuel pump in 12 or 24-volt variants, allowing the pump to be powered by a vehicle battery or alternate power source on site. If preferred a manual pump can be specified as an option where no power is available.

A convenient Lockable Lid gives you easy access to the inside of the tank and ensures security of the Diesel / AdBlue held within it.  A high-quality 5m length delivery hose with automatic shut off nozzle housed within the system allows for hassle free dispensing of the Diesel / AdBlue. Forklift channels & strapping points make for simple lifting and safe transportation of the tanks and its contents.

Portable Tanks are easy to refill from a static storage tank such as Harlequin Fuel Station or Blue Station. They can be simply loaded onto a vehicle such as a pickup truck, trailer or van saving valuable time. Specialist driver qualifications or vehicle modifications are not required to transport or use the tank.

These tanks are specifically designed to provide a convenient refill option for Farming, Forestry, Construction, Mining, Quarry, Power Generation and Fishing sectors. The range consists of 220Lt and 440Lt models with both sizes available in Diesel and AdBlue variants. For easy identification Diesel models have a black lid and the AdBlue models have a blue lid. Along with a rotary hand pump, an Inline flow meter with digital display is also available as an option.

Olly Harrison, a large scale arable farmer and YouTube celebrity talks about the features & benefits of the storage tank on the Real Country File YouTube channel.

Watch the episode 👇 to know more.

Harlequin Diesel Tanks

At Harlequin, we manufacture diesel storage and dispensing solutions suitable for a variety of applications including agriculture, construction, mining and road haulage. They are available in fuel station and fuel point models. Our dedicated team of experts with over 100 plus years of combined experience can help you choose the right products from our extensive range of Commercial Tanks for your specific requirements.

To find out more about our range of diesel tanks, contact our team on 028 9261 1077 or email sales@harlequin-mfg.com.