Harlequin heating oil tank installed to perfection

Posted On: 23 September 2020

Harlequin heating oil tank installed to perfection

Posted On: 23 September 2020

Gary Marshalsey installed our 2500ITE in his 4-bedroom family home in Inverness

Heating oil is the only form of heating available in areas which are off the mains gas grid. In such cases, homeowners are left with no option but to install a heating oil tank. Most homeowners would choose a high-quality UK-made heating oil tank which will last long while not being too heavily priced. Gary Marshalsey was looking for a similar heating oil tank for his new build large 4-bedroom family home situated 3-miles from the centre of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. When he sought a recommendation for a quality tank from Dobies Heat Centre, his local heating merchant they recommended a Harlequin bunded heating oil tank without any hesitation. The 2500ITE was selected because the additional volume allows for better buying power. The extra capacity would come in handy for a top-up especially when the oil prices drop.


2500ITE Bunded Heating Oil Tank

Harlequin made sure the tank was delivered as promised and in excellent condition. “The colour of the tank is consistent throughout, and the size and capacity as expected. The working space inside the hatch is generous also,” said Gary.

Although the tank was ready to be installed, Gary was faced with a peculiar problem. His home was located on a coastal exposed hillside site about 140m above sea level which meant that there is risk of high winds and flood. OFTEC regulations stipulate restraint requirements for tanks in locations susceptible to high winds or risk of flood. Their hillside coastal location is frequently subjected to high winds. The weight of the oil would assure tank stability. However, a plastic tank with a low oil level could be at risk of movement especially during high winds.

2500ITE Installation

Anchor points with straps to secure the tank

Gary felt that it would be a good idea to install tie-down points as this was quick and inexpensive to do even using the more expensive stainless-steel hardware. More importantly, it would give him complete peace of mind. Harlequin was quick to respond to his query. Judith Day, our customer care coordinator, spoke to the technical department who advised that anchor points be installed into the concrete base at either side of the tank to enable the tank to be bolted down using straps.

Harlequin heating oil tanks come equipped with a bunded oil fitting kit which is sufficient for a fully compliant installation. But due to his vast experience in the Petro-chemical industry, Gary went one step further by using an ultra-compact tank valve to achieve double-valve isolation which would help with safe and efficient maintenance of the tank.

Gary highly recommends a Harlequin 2500ITE bunded heating oil tank for larger homes because, “The 2500ITE is a high-quality tank at a fair and proportionate price. Everything you need is supplied right down to the roll of PTFE tape. If you look closely, there is evidence of quality checks everywhere, and that to me is always a good sign.”

Mighty pleased with his first experience with Harlequin Gary went on to say, “My recent customer experience was up there amongst the best of them. Harlequin answer emails promptly and do what they say they are going to do. The question about tie-down points was acted upon quickly and satisfactorily.”

Harlequin successfully guided Gary through the purchase and installation of a 2500ITE at his home.

Watch a video of the complete installation:

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Harlequin Bunded Heating Oil Tanks

At Harlequin MFG, we have Bunded Oil Tanks ranging from 350 to 9,250 litre models catering to all our customer requirements be it domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural. Each tank has been designed and manufactured to exceed the most technical, environmental and regulatory requirements. The tanks are available as a Tank only (HQi) model, Tank and Tank pack (ITE) model, or Top Outlet (ITT) model.

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