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Our team of experts have 100 plus years’ experience in Domestic Wastewater Treatment.

Need help with installation of a sewage treatment plant or a septic tank?

We can manage the entire process from product selection to final installation. Our team of experts who have over 100 years industry experience between them will be able to give you technical advice on which product will best suit your requirements and steps you need to take to ensure proper installation of your Harlequin sewage treatment plant. They will give you advice on the location, access, site modifications and percolation test.

Harlequin range of Waste Water Treatment Systems are designed to have a life expectancy of 20 years provided they are installed by a competent installer as per our specifications.

We can get one of our installers to come to your doorstep to install the tank for you. We work with a network of competent installers in UK & Ireland for Sewage Treatment Plants and Septic Tanks. Our installers will help you install the product and provide you with additional technical support.

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