Why should you use the HDA Eco Fuel Management System?

Posted On: 18 February 2020

Why should you use the HDA Eco Fuel Management System?

Posted On: 18 February 2020

To record data and prevent fuel theft

Fuel Security in UK is a matter of grave concern across industries. London Metropolitan Police reported £1.1m of fuel thefts in London in 2018, while rest of UK saw £638,217 of fuel stolen in the same year. Nearly £1.75 million worth of fuel was stolen from petrol stations, businesses and other cars.

A good Fuel Management system can help prevent fuel theft as it can keep track of the amount of fuel used. A fuel management system is a technology-based tool that works with any form of fuel for attended or unattended fuelling sites. The system captures information on all aspects of fuel management which is instantly available to any staff member who may need it. It can be used by fixed or mobile fuelling operators, transportation companies and municipalities.

Harlequin Manufacturing offers the Horn Tecalemit HDA Eco, a Fuel Management System which is designed as a fuel monitor and reporting system for dispensing Diesel Fuel, Gasoil and AdBlue. It can used with existing pump systems, filling stations or dispensers. It works particularly well for any non-public filling stations.

Horn Telacemit HDA Eco Fuel Management System

It’s designed to protect and monitor access to the fuel supply. It works well in situations where fuel access needs to be controlled and logged. It is Ideal for multiple drivers, vehicles and locations. The HDA Eco includes a Windows™-based computer software for managing and evaluating fuel data.

Product Specifications

Type Fuel Management System
Max users 2000 drivers &/or 2000 vehicles
Authentication PIN &/or Transponder Tags
Data acquisition Driver, Vehicle, Date, Time, Qty/Vol, Odometer, Order Ref
Internal memory most recent 10,000 transactions
Input Pulse input (up to 240Hz)
Output Contact output, max 10A
Additional function Nozzle switch functionality
Level probe integration
Display Back-lit 2x 20 alpha-numeric 9mm characters
Op temperature -20°C ~ +55°C
Power supply 100-240v / 50-60Hz
Protection Class IP54

How it works?

The system requires operators to authorise themselves before dispensing is enabled. Each user is given a PIN / KEY to identify them to the system. When the user dispenses fuel, he will input his unique PIN / KEY and the system then activates the dispenser’s pump and records the driver, vehicle, time, date, and quantity of fuel dispensed. This then gets recorded as a dispensing event and stored in the system until the data is downloaded to a USB chip which is then uploaded on to a PC. The most recent 10,000 transactions are stored within the HDA memory and can be accessed at any time.

The unit is distinguished by its ease of operation as all dispensing transactions are recorded and can be reviewed both locally on the HDA device and remotely. The Windows™ Based software also provides a reporting platform that allows reports to be created quickly to view and analyse, reports can also be exported in visual PDF and CSV database formats for further review. The device is protected by a management password preventing unauthorised use.

Key features

1. Can be used by up to 2000 users &/or vehicles
2. Data can be accessed on the device and remotely
3. Management password prevents any unauthorised usage
4. Clearly records all dispensing transactions
5. Electronic storage for the last 10,000 transactions to be recalled at any time
6. Exports data in CSV format for quick analysis
7. Publishes reports in PDF formats for management review
8. Controls one dispensing pump. Can be retrofit with additional pulse output flow meter.
9. LCD display on the device
10. Drivers and vehicles can be managed with a PIN / KEY
11. Comes equipped with a transponder tag and reader

Key benefits

 Improving Data Accuracy – Information is captured in real-time ensuring that it’s very reliable

 Easy Record Keeping – The user can easily access and record data, check reports on-the-go on an online cloud platform.

 Lowering the cost of the fuel – Fuel can be saved as the system can accurately track details such as run and idle time which can help eliminate fuel wastage.

 Preventing fuel theft – It can effectively keep track of the amount of fuel used and where it is being filled. The fuel monitoring reports help find out where and when a fuel theft has occurred which is impossible to do through manual tracking.

 Improving fuel efficiency – It can help understand ways to improve fuel efficiency, leading to increased performance and cost savings.

 Tracking Mileage – It can calculate miles travelled by the fleet and fuel consumption which enables the user to figure out the cost per mile. This will help calculate the mileage of the fleet to monitor the performance levels.

 Identifying inefficient assets – It ensures regular maintenance and allows for early response to potential problems. It can help identify which machine is not working properly, needs maintenance, or should be discarded.

 Scheduling Maintenance – Maintenance of the machines can be scheduled based on run-hour reports.

Overall the system provides better securityimproved tracking, and excellent operations management.

The HDA Eco Fuel Management System is available as standard on our larger fuel stations such as the 7500FS and 9250FS, and as optional on smaller fuel stations ranging from 1300 to 5000 litres.

Harlequin 7500 Fuel Station with a fuel management system

Find out more about the system here.

Harlequin Bunded Diesel Tanks

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