Our Diesel Tanks now come with an 8m hose reel 

Posted On: 7 July 2020

Our Diesel Tanks now come with an 8m hose reel 

Posted On: 7 July 2020

Allows for easy coiling of hose 

Have you ever wished that the uglylooking hose in your diesel tank was tucked away neatly? Have you had trouble handling the house manually? Have your hands got dirty while coiling up the hose? 

We at Harlequin understood your pain and found a perfect solutionWe have introduced an 8m hose reel on our larger diesel tanks so you can manage the hose with effortless ease. The hose reel makes it much easier to return the hose into the cabinet on a reel rather than coiling it up manually. The reel is spring loaded making it extremely easy to use so your hands don’t get covered in diesel fuel while manually coiling the hose.  

The correct sizing of the hydraulic system reduces pressure loss even for high flow pumps. It features a protected latch mechanism to prevent any injuryadjustable arm brackets enabling proper positioning and hose stop allowing for the hose to be locked at any length. The reel is further supported by a 5mm thick steel plate below the cabinet which is secured to the reel using four M12 fasteners. 

The reel is currently available only on our larger Fuel Stations including the 5000FS, 7500FS and 9250FS. We hope to introduce it in our other Fuel Stations and AdBlue Stations in due course.  

If you have any questions about the hose reel or anything else, do get in touch with our team on 028 9261 1077 or send an e-mail to info@harlequin-mfg.com.

Download the updated specification sheets here:

5000 Fuel Station Specification Sheet

7500 Fuel Station Specification Sheet

9250 Fuel Station Specification Sheet