Harlequin CAP9 perfectly replaces a failed septic tank

Posted On: 26 October 2020

Harlequin CAP9 perfectly replaces a failed septic tank

Posted On: 26 October 2020

Tucked away nicely under the ground

Site Reference: Belstead, Outskirts of Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Details: 5-bedroom family house off the mains drainage

Septic tanks are typically the most common solution for treatment of wastewater and sewage where mains drainage is not available. They are a cost effective but poor performing solution which ultimately cause huge mental and financial stress to the homeowners apart from pollution to the watercourses. Most houses built in rural areas back in those days were not connected to the mains drainage. Mr & Mrs Broadberry’s beautiful 5-bedroom family house in Belstead located around 3 miles south-west of Ipswich was no different. Their house was built way back in the 50’s which meant that it was not connected to the mains drainage. They too used a septic tank which was installed in an old-fashioned concrete ring chamber in their garden. The T piece on the existing concrete ring chamber had broken causing the soakaway to block and completely fail. This meant that the septic tank was useless and had to be replaced. They could get a replacement septic tank as part of their insurance claim.

CAP9 Installation

CAP9 system placed neatly into the shallow dig

The project was undertaken, as part of their insurance claim, by Enviro Sewage Treatment Services (ESTS), our approved installer partner based in Aylesbury but with national coverage. Shaun Walker, MD, ESTS, went ahead and did a site survey. Since the customer was very particular about not wanting to see the treatment plant in their garden, Shaun recommended the use of our CE certified and EPP2 approved CAP9, our easy to install and low maintenance compact sewage treatment plant specifically designed for rural households with up to nine inhabitants or approximately seven bedrooms. It is our largest to date and one that was developed based on the growing needs of the rural market.

This the best solution for the site as the manhole covers are particularly small and non-obtrusive. The fact that they are easily interchangeable due to the standard 450mm diameter access cover meant that Shaun could swap this over for a cover in which he could also include the turf. Basically once the blower box was placed inconspicuously, the treatment plant will not be visible to anyone. “Having the option to change the covers and a much smaller lid than most other treatment plants on the market made the CAP9 the obvious choice for this project. The design of the CAP9 gives it the flexibility to be tailored to individual site requirements and its flat base makes it much easier to install,” explained Shaun.

CAP9 Installation

Installation of CAP9 in progress

The garden was finally re-turfed where the new soakaway drains were installed leaving no trace of any installation work being carried out on site.

CAP9 Installation

Garden re-turfed after installation of the system

If you are looking for a trusted installer to replace your failed septic tank or install a new wastewater treatment plant, get in touch today. And, we can put you in touch with one of our approved installer partners in your area.

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