Bunded Oil Tanks Uncovered: An Essential Guide

Posted On: 21 June 2024

Bunded Oil Tanks Uncovered: An Essential Guide

Posted On: 21 June 2024

This guide contains crucial information about bunded oil tanks, including their design, functionality, and the various models available in the market. Whether you’re considering the installation of a new bunded oil tank, looking to upgrade an existing system, or simply seeking to expand your knowledge about environmentally responsible oil storage options, this guide offers valuable insights and expert advice to help you make an informed decision.

What Is a Bunded Oil Storage Tank?

A bunded oil storage tank is a type of tank specifically designed to store oil, it is typically used for domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes. It consists of two layers or “tanks” – an inner tank and an outer tank.

Here’s how it works:

  • Inner Tank: The inner tank is the primary container that holds the oil. It is where the oil is stored and from which it is accessed for use.
  • Outer Tank (Bund): The outer tank, also known as the bund, surrounds the inner tank and acts as a secondary containment system. It is designed to catch any leaks or spills from the inner tank, preventing them from spreading into the environment.

The space between the inner and outer tanks is typically referred to as the bund area. This area serves as a reservoir to contain any leaked oil, preventing it from escaping into the surrounding environment.

Do I Need a Bunded Oil Tank?

The vast majority of oil tank installations in the UK are now completed using bunded tanks. Whether you need a bunded oil tank depends on various factors, including local regulations, the volume of oil you intend to store, environmental considerations, and potential risks associated with oil spills.

Here are some reasons why you might need a bunded oil tank:

  • Regulations: Many jurisdictions require bunded oil tanks, especially for larger capacities, to comply with environmental regulations and prevent pollution. Building control regulations for instance require a bunded tank if your oil tank is within 10 metres of an open drain.
  • Environmental Protection: Bunded tanks offer an added layer of protection against leaks and spills, reducing the risk of contaminating soil and water sources.
  • Insurance Requirements: Some insurance providers may require bunded tanks as a condition for coverage, particularly for commercial or industrial operations.
  • Site Conditions: If your property is located in an environmentally sensitive area or near water sources, a bunded tank may be necessary to mitigate the risks associated with oil spills.
  • Volume of Oil: If you’re storing a large volume of oil, the likelihood of a significant spill increases, making a bunded tank a prudent choice. For example, in the UK, storage capacities of over 2500 litres legally require a bunded oil tank.

Remember, that even if it is not legally binding, a bunded heating oil tank may still be of use in terms of managing environmental damage and ensuring pollution prevention.

What Type of Bunded Oil Tank Do I Need?

Bunded Tanks to store heating oil in the UK are manufactured mainly from MDPE (plastic) to a strict … standard. Some other bunded tanks are manufactured from metal. Choosing the right bunded heating oil tank is crucial for ensuring safety, compliance, and efficient fuel storage. Whether for domestic or commercial use, various factors come into play when determining the type of tank that best suits your needs.

Domestic Bunded Oil Tanks

Domestic bunded oil tanks typically include smaller tank capacities that are tailored to residential heating needs. For small-scale applications, bunded heating oil tanks in sizes starting from 650 litres – 1000 litres may be suitable, for larger residential homes, a bunded oil tank starting from 1100 litres – 2500 litres may be more appropriate.

Check out the table below for more guidance.

Oil Tank Model Bedrooms Served
650ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1000ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1100ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1200ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1225ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1300ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1400ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
1450ITE 1-3 Bedrooms
2000ITE 4-6 Bedrooms
2500ITE 4-6 Bedrooms
3500ITE 7+ Bedrooms
5400ITE 7+ Bedrooms
7500ITE 7+ Bedrooms
9250ITE 7+ Bedrooms
1000SSL 1-3 Bedrooms
1400SSL 1-3 Bedrooms
1650HZB 4-6 Bedrooms
1400UGD 1-3 Bedrooms
2500UGD 4-6 Bedrooms

Commercial Bunded Oil Tanks

In commercial settings, the requirements for bunded oil tanks may differ due to larger fuel demands and oil storage regulations. Commercial applications often involve higher fuel usage, necessitating larger tank capacities to accommodate storage needs. At Harlequin Plastics, we can supply bunded oil tanks in sizes up to 9250 litres, which can accommodate large-scale operations for commercial or industrial use.

When selecting a bunded oil tank for commercial use, factors such as tank capacity, compliance with regulations, and compatibility with the facility’s operations and available space must be carefully assessed.

Slimline Oil Tanks

Slimline bunded oil tanks offer a space-saving solution for properties with limited outdoor space or where aesthetics are a concern. These tanks are designed with a narrower profile compared to traditional cylindrical tanks, allowing them to fit into tight spaces such as narrow passages or alongside buildings.

Despite their slim design, they still provide the benefits of bunded oil tanks, ensuring containment in the event of a leak or spill. Slimline oil tanks are available in various capacities to suit different heating requirements, making them a practical choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks

Plastic bunded oil tanks offer durability and versatility for both domestic and commercial oil storage needs. They are also inherently resistant to rust and corrosion, providing long-term reliability for oil storage.

In comparison to steel tanks, plastic bunded oil tanks offer superior resistance to corrosion, making them the ideal choice for durability and longevity.

At Harlequin Plastics, all of our bunded oil tanks are manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), these tanks are lightweight yet robust, making them easy to install and suitable for various outdoor environments.

What Are The Different Types of Harlequin Bunded Heating Oil Tanks?

The HQi, ITE, and ITT models represent different configurations of the Harlequin bunded oil tanks, each designed to cater to varying needs and preferences in oil storage. Here’s an expanded overview of each model:

HQi – Bunded Oil Tank Only

The HQi model is essentially a standalone bunded oil tank without any additional fittings or electronic monitoring systems. This model is ideal for users who require a simple, robust solution for oil storage and may already have their own means of monitoring and managing the oil level, or prefer manual checks.

ITE – Bunded Oil Tank with Tank Pack

The ITE model steps up from the basic HQi by including a Tank Pack. This pack typically comprises a bottom outlet fitting kit and an electronic gauge. The bottom outlet fitting kit is crucial for efficient and controlled oil dispensation, and it typically includes components like a valve, filter, and connection hose.

The electronic gauge offers a convenient way to monitor oil levels digitally, enhancing the ease of managing the tank’s contents and ensuring timely refills to prevent run-outs. This model is suitable for users who value both convenience and efficiency in their oil storage solution, particularly in settings where regular monitoring and easy dispensation of oil are important.

ITT – Bunded Oil Tank with Tank Pack

The ITT model is similar to the ITE in that it includes a Tank Pack, but it also features a top outlet fitting kit instead of a bottom one, alongside an electronic gauge. A top outlet fitting kit may be preferred in certain installation scenarios where a bottom outlet isn’t feasible or desired.

Bunded Oil Tank Shapes

Bunded oil tanks are available in various shapes to accommodate different site requirements and storage needs. Check out the different shapes of bunded tanks available below.

Slimline Tanks

These tanks are narrow in width to ensure that they can fit into most garden gates or other obstructions which could hinder installation. They are designed to fit on a narrow base reducing the cost of installation.

Vertical / Cylindrical Tanks

These round tanks are generally cheaper to buy and install but require a larger base to install. Typically these tanks were popular in the 1980’s as the heating systems were installed first. But as garden sizes have reduced, these tanks are generally only installed as direct replacements for other cylindrical tanks.

Horizontal Tanks

The tanks of choice for larger houses, these tanks link larger heating and storage capacity (typically over 1500 litres) with a space-saving design. Usually, these tanks are rectangular in shape and only around 1-5.5m tall in order to ensure oil tanker drivers can fill these tanks safely.

Low Profile Tanks

Low-profile tanks are typically used where the tank is more likely to be exposed to windy conditions and as the name suggests. These are typically rectangular in shape but come in vertical and horizontal tanks in order to be used with windy conditions. In many cases these tanks are also strapped to the ground to further protect from windy conditions.

Find the Best Bunded Oil Tank for your needs

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the intricacies of bunded oil tanks, delving into their design, functionality, and the various models available in the market.

From understanding the fundamentals of bunded oil storage to discerning the specific needs of domestic and commercial applications, this guide serves as a valuable resource for anyone considering the installation or upgrade of an oil storage system.

At Harlequin Plastics, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient oil storage solutions. With our range of bunded oil tanks designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, we’re committed to providing customers across the UK and Ireland with tailored solutions to suit their individual needs.

Bunded Oil Tanks for Sale

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