Another single skin oil tank upgraded to a Harlequin Bunded Tank

Posted On: 27 November 2020

Another single skin oil tank upgraded to a Harlequin Bunded Tank

Posted On: 27 November 2020

OM Hines completed the job in 4 days

With heating oil being the cheapest form of heating, most homeowners in the UK prefer to use heating oil to heat their homes in both rural and urban areas. Homeowners installed single skin tanks back then as that was the only option available. But due to growing environmental concerns, Bunded Oil Tanks were introduced. While it is still not mandatory to have a bunded oil tank in the UK, homeowners are now beginning to realize that it is a safer, economical, and practical option.

Mrs. C (customer did not want the name to be disclosed) from Taunton in Somerset had been using a single skin tank but when her tank started showing signs of cracks on top, she decided she needed an upgrade. And, after hearing about the benefits of using a Bunded Oil Tank, she decided to go with it. Apart from cracks, the tank also had sludge build up over the years. Oil Tank Specialist OM Hines, one of our Approved Installer ‘PARTNERS’, in Taunton took this job up.

On visiting the site, they found that the tank was located on a bank and incorrectly supported and visually unattractive. So they removed and disposed of the old tank, created a solid concrete base and retaining wall around it. OM Hines recommended installing a larger new tank to take advantage of the current low oil prices. Mrs. C was quite happy to go with their recommendation. The 2525ITE was selected as this was larger than the existing tank and would hold more volume. More importantly, it was a bunded oil tank which meant that it would give Mrs. C peace of mind. “We recommended a 2525ITE, a bunded heating oil tank for larger properties manufactured by Harlequin, as it’s very good quality, reasonably priced, and perfectly suited the requirements of the customer. The good thing about ordering a tank from Harlequin is that the tank will be delivered as promised and in excellent condition,” said Owen Hines, Director, OM Hines Ltd.

The installer also put in place a temporary tank to allow the customer’s boiler to carry on working while the tank is being replaced. The tank was cut up on-site and then disposed of correctly. All hazardous waste was taken to a licensed centre and no oil was spilled on site. The entire job was completed in 4 days.

Do watch this video of the installation:

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