NEW PRODUCT: 2525ITE Horizontal Heating Oil Tank

NEW PRODUCT: 2525ITE Horizontal Heating Oil Tank

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NEW PRODUCT: 2525ITE Horizontal Heating Oil Tank

Heating oil tank built to ‘LAST’

Harlequin Manufacturing Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of 2525 ITE, a valuable addition to our Bunded Oil Tanks range giving homeowners more options to choose from when buying an oil tank for their home. It has been developed in response to increasing demand from our customers for a horizontal tank with a small footprint with additional storage capacity. The extra capacity comes in handy for a top-up when the oil price drops.

The new UK-made 2525 ITE is integrally bunded and best suited for installations at larger homes. The tank’s narrow base allows for it to be installed even where space is at a premium.

Its unique lockable access lid style has been designed to prevent water ingress and provides convenient access for tank filling and maintenance. The tank itself has been independently tested and certified to OFCERT standards.

Tank Dimensions

Length: 2450mm
Width: 1200mm
Overall Height: 16285mm
Capacity: 2550L
Net Weight: 235kg

(Please Note: All tank capacities are brimful)

Standard Features

  Moulded from durable Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)
  Integrally bunded
  Bottom outlet with 1” BSP(F) thread
  16” lockable access lid
  2” BSP(M) fill point
  4” lockable inspection cap
  Ultrasonic contents gauge with remote display
  Bottom outlet fitting kit (reducer, isolation valve, filter, 10mm oil line fitting)
  LRC overfill prevention probe
  Inner tank vent
  Moulded-in handles and slinging points for ease of lifting

This is available to purchase immediately. It comes equipped with a range of standard fittings, including an Apollo Gauge and a Bottom Outlet Kit offering a complete solution for a fully compliant installation.

If you’d like to purchase and install this tank, simply fill this form.

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