Harlequin CAP6 wins confidence of Buildtech Pro

Harlequin CAP6 wins confidence of Buildtech Pro

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Harlequin CAP6 wins confidence of Buildtech Pro

Installed seven CAP6 units for an upcoming housing project

Site Reference: Bentley Units, Ongar Road, Brentwood

Site Details: 7 x 4 Bedroom Houses off the mains drainage

Buildtech Pro Ltd, a local property developer in Essex, owned by Sorin Mercioniu was working on building seven brand new 4-bedroom properties in Brentwood located off the mains drainage. Sorin, a loyal customer of Travis Perkins Brentwood required a treatment plant suitable for 6 people for each of the seven properties. Drew Whiting, Branch Manager at Travis Perkins Brentwood recommended the use of CAP6, our easy to install and low maintenance small sewage treatment plant suitable for 1-6 people. Sorin decided to give it a shot even though he had never installed a Harlequin waste water treatment system previously.

A Harlequin sales representative arranged to meet him immediately and talked him through the features and benefits of our CE certified and EPP2 approved compact sewage treatment plant CAP6. Sorin was convinced that this would work and decided to change the specification based on feedback from Harlequin.

Since the discharge from each plant will need go to an individual soak away field on each plot, Harlequin also offered advise on performing the percolation test, sizing the soak away field and placement of the treatment plant in compliance with the building regulations.

Harlequin then met his contractors on site to oversee the installation of the first unit and help them set it up.

According to Drew Whiting, Branch Manager of Travis Perkins Brentwood, “The service and expertise from Harlequin are second to none. Apart from doing all the work on our behalf, they changed the specification ensuring a fantastic cost saving for our customer. We really like the fact that they are supplying a reliable, premium product but at a much more affordable price for the builder and the end user.”

Sorin Mercioniu of Build Tech Pro Ltd said “What we really like about the CAP6 is the fact that there is so little to go wrong with it and the longer term maintenance costs for the home buyer will be much less, which is a big plus when selling these properties. We were really impressed with the product design and durability and the ease of installation. We also loved the fact that the manhole lid was unobtrusive in comparison to most, meaning they are barely visible in the gardens of each property.”

After this successful installation, Buildtech Pro Ltd will use only Harlequin range of Waste Water Treatment products for all their future projects.


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